Handmade SALVATORE SHIRT with slitted stand-up collar and extensive love to detail, made in the PICCOLO ATELIER | anotherson.de
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Shirt - Stripes

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Pieces from Salvatore Piccolo are manufactured by skilled craftsman in Piccolos tailoring studios to guarantee highest quality and the unique look of Salvatore Piccolo Design.

Handmade Salvatore Piccolo Shirt with slitted stand-up collar and love to detail.

  • Blue striped Salvatore Piccolo Shirt
  • Stand-up collar
  • Breastpocket
  • Mother of pearl buttons
  • Rounded hem
  • Slitted collar with open edge
  • Skilled manufacturing
  • Handmade
  • Straight Regular Fit
  • 100% Cotton
Article: Shirt
Color: Blue
Fit: Regular Fit
Order number: SP_HE_0474_02.1

SALVATORE PICCOLO - The Story of an endless Passion

Passion is the fuel for past, present and future of the Salvatore Piccolo collection.

At the age of 15 Salvatore Piccolo starts working in the warehouse of a shirt factory and gets in contact with the fabrics, which soon should be his future. After one year Salvatore and his mother decided to open a little store of shirts to measure. A logical step as Piccolos mother already made bespoken shirts from home.

The small business soon develops and Piccolo learns all about the art of shirtmaking. It takes only a few years of growth and the little store became a factory and well known brand. New York, London and Tokyo are significant landmarks for the growing appreciation of Salvatore Piccolo and his work.

The success of the shirts to measure and Salvatores challenging will to develop gives birth to a total-look menswear collection, that shows the unique character, the passion and demand of quality. Salvatores Design is a play with classics, not to reinvent these but continously to be refined by cultural and social demand.   

Beyond all development and progress the Neapolitan artisan skills are the foundation of the Salvatore Piccolo brand. Expertise and skilled craftsmanship guarantee doubtless quality and style.

The philosophy of the brand sees Salvatore Piccolo in person as the center of the brand design, signature and stylistic direction. He is equally designer, communicator and tailor and takes a passionate part in all stages of design and production. He is responsible for the choice of fabrics and education and training of his tailors and pattern makers.

The independence and self-determination of Salvatore Piccolo are DNA the collection and the exceptional position of the brand.

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