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ALLTERRAIN - the high-end persinification of DESCENTE

DESCENTE launched the ALLTERRAIN collection in 2012, by using its expertise gained over many years in design and development of functional sports- and casual wear. 

The name ALLTERRAIN is the constructed term of "all" and "terrain", suggesting that the line is not defining specific areas, but manufacturing that is independent of age, attitude and fashion. ALLTERRAIN implies the ability for function in the widest range of conditions. The line is inspired by "less is more" and concentration on pure, timeless and skilled craftsmanship.

The development of the ALLTERRAIN collection is focused on "form follows function" and "every design is engaged in functionality". Optical Design considerations are put second to those of functionality. In the design process of ALLTERRAIN nothing comes by coincidence, all is related to function, what is the pure expression of the very core of DESCENTE.

The essential features in the design process become clear through trial and error, all non-essential elements are removed and decorative beauty comes by carefully crafted function.

The DESCENTE thinking behind the ALLTERRAIN sportswear concept opens up on unlimited chances and depends on who wears the gear where and when.

The essence of creation and design comes down to DESCENTES fundamental wish to enrich peoples lives through the superlative sportswear of the ALLTERRAIN collection.

At ALLTERRAIN all development passes through the hands of specialists in each relevant stage of the design and manufacturing process. When it comes down to the final, finished shape of the product, the point of embedding the DESCENTE DNA is reached even in the finest details.

As an outdoor and superlative sportswear line ALLTERRAIN provides ultimate freedom of movement by implicating the DESCENTE "Motion 3D" technique, to result in superior comfort when worn.

Sewing is in the hands of a group of highly skilled professionals in the DESCENTE production facility.

A faithful design philosophy that bounds ALLTERRAIN to the core of DESCENTE without limiting the challenge of creation and new added value.