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Edwin is an authentic denim Brand, proud of innovation and traditional craftsmanship, exclusive fabrics and production, unique technology, handmade finishing and continuos development of design and fit.

Edwin was established in the year 1947 in Japan by founder K. K. Tsunemi. His passion for denim inspired Tsunemi to start an import business of used jeans from the USA to Japan. Used, worn and distressed jeans had to be washed and repaired to be able to be sold.

Mr. Tsunemi soon started to produce his own jeans,  with reinvented fits and quality. He choose the letters D, E, N, I and M, turned the M to W and the Brand Edwin was finally born.

In 1961 Tsunemi produced his first pair of Edwin jeans. Since then the history of Edwin is deep rooted in quality, craftsmanship, innovation and seriousness.

1963 Edwin introduced an 16oz. Wingspan Denim, at this time the heaviest available denim, and the worldwide unique Rainbow Selvedge.

Tsunemis son Shuji took over the company and started to move Edwin towards traditional, japanese values, such as indigo dying. In Japan the deep and clear blue of natural Indigo is omnipresent. The fading of Indigo dyed clothing by wear and wash is felt to be chic with the Japanese. Shujis philosophy is based on his belief, that the being of denim is the fading as manifestation of absolut individuality.

Following this persuasion, Edwin starts in the 1970s to develop special treatments and washing procedures, to reproduce the look of worn jeans as authentic as possible. The most popular finish is for sure the Stone Wash procedure, developed by Edwin in the early 1980s.

The innovative fusion of japanese sensitivity, Indigo and denim makes Edwin to what it today is, one of the global leading manufacturer of authentic denim.