Easy to care and hypo-allergenic ALPACA Hap Trio socks from PATAPACA made from the unique and superwarm wool of Alpacas living in the peruan Andes in color block Trio Rojo | anotherson.de
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Socks - Trio Rojo


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The Alpaca socks from the Thick Weight fabric range of Patapaca are game changers when it's about warm, winter- and outdoor ready socks, made from natural fibers. The extra-warm socks of Patapaca are made from the wool of alpaca sheeps living in the peruan andes.

Using the natural and valuable Alpaca wool, Patapaca provides easy-to-care and outstanding warm socks, which are anti microbial and hypo - allergenic. Alpaka wool is moisture resisitant what keeps the socks odor-neutral when worn multiple times and aired out between wears before washing.  

  • Patapaca Alpaca socks in Trio Rojo color block
  • Super soft and ultra warm
  • Hypo allergenic and anti microbial Alpaca wool
  • Ethical and sustainable production
  • Made in Peru
  • 50% Alpaca, 40% Acrylic, 8% Nylon, 2% Spandex
Article: Socks
Color: Multicolor
Order number: PTP_SOX_1174_06

PATAPACA - Socks made from Alpaca Wool

The project Patapaca starts with first designs developed in London, which are then transfered into live products in Peru, using the local Alpaca wool ressources. A creative journey of research and development starts with focus on better and sustainable socks.  

Patapaca invented an eco friendly blend of Alpaca wool from natural resources and guarantees a warm, soft as cashmere and hypo allergenic sock, that performs best in outdoor and urban environments.

Founded in 2017, Patapaca offers a contemporary line of socks made from naturaly surced and valuable Alpaca wool.

Provenance and craft are keys to unite traditional machinery to knit even the thickest alpaca socks possible, local craftsmen and knitting communities.

The wool of the Alpacas is a valuable raw material, that developed over thousands of years in the harsh maountain climate throughout the Andes. The natural wool coat of the Alpacas is on of natures most versatile. The wool fibres are equiped with air pockets, which store body heat in cold conditions and release it in warmer weather. The fibres are moisture repellent and super light.    

Patapaca recognized these values and created a woolen blend as soft as cashmere, more durable and warmer as "usual wool". 

Due to the water retaining characteristic, Alpaca wool is considered "washless". The wool doesn't absorbs sweat and moisture what keeps feet dry and free of odor and it's ok to simply hang a pair of Patapaca socks to air. Around five to ten times of wear should be possible without having to wash them.

Easy care and durable life time are united in demands of environmental responsibility and due to the Patapaca community it's super super fun to be around the Alpacas.