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RoToTo is a premium, high-quality, all Made in Japan collection focusing on socks with enormous functionality and comfort based on the concept of ”lifelong consumables". 

Rototo socks are produced in Nara prefecture, the well-known cluster of socks production in Japan. The small batch production has come true with experienced craftsman through a series of long trial and error. At Rototo carefully selected knitting machines from a variety of types controlled by human`s real hands and not by automatic programming which is usually the modern style are center of production. A well balanced combination of machinery, human craftsmanship and yarn makes Rototo socks the best quality avaiable in longlasting function and style.

All made in Nara, Japan. What does that mean?

North west of the center of Japan the Nara prefecture is located. Nara is known as the socks production center of Japan. An agricultural environment surrounded by natural fields with areas providing a lot of ancient Japanese history and todays place for the production of Rototo Socks.

More than 100 years ago, a man brought a knitting machine from USA and started manufacturing socks in Nara. The era begun in EDO when a specialized cotton called YAMATO GASURI was produced, which has the reputation of being the basic fabric for some of the finest socks ever manufactured and a suitable place for the Rototo collection.

Recycled garments from the production and environmental philosophy:

Binding rings are essential in socks production and are regarded as waste from the production process and usually the rings are treated to be garbage. Throughout production a high volume of such waste wouldn't ever be considered to be recycled. Not so with Rototo. At Rototo the unavoidable waste is recycled and serves as authentic brand packaging as well as showing sizing. In general it's an original Rototo idea to use recycled needs and/or elements of production as display hanging unit.