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SNS HERNING Fender-I Short Zip - Navy Blue
Fender-I Short Zip - Navy Blue
€139.60 €349.00

S.N.S. HERNING - Heritage loaded originals from Denmark

Styles like Sweaters and Cardigans from the Fishermen and Stark knitwear, originaly were purposed to suit the professional fishing crews, protecting the hardworking men exposed to the rough conditions of the North Sea.  

SNS HERNING selects only the best wool to guarantee a durable and valuable piece of wardrobe. Developing detailed and innovative knitting technique, soon rewards SNS HERNING with great reputation and unique position on the market.

The research and development of industrial knitting and machinery allow detailed patterns and special implementation. That way SNS HERNING developed technique to produce patterns including the bubbles, which soon became one of the signature elements of SNS HERNING knitwear. The passion for innovation and development is documented by multiple patents, still owned by the Skyt family.

The story of SNS HERNING starts in 1919, when the Dane, Sören Nielsen Skyt registers the SNS HERNING trademark.

Encouraged by his early sales of knitwear Sören Nielsen Skyt founds the SNS HERNING knitwear company.

An official record from 1923 dcuments, that Sören Nielsen Skyt was selling a range of knitted garments. Woolen vests, sox, mens sweaters and, most important, the iconic Fishermen Sweater.

The Fishermen Sweater includes the unique bubbles. The knitted garment builds pockets of air, the bubbles. An enhanced thermal characteristic to achieve as much warmth for as little expenditure of yarn and weight as possible.

In the early years of SNS HERNING, the products were knitted on hand knitting machines and solutions were sought, to be able to reproduce the hand knitted designs, especially the bubbles.

Sören Nielsen Skyt took the challenge and made SNS HERNING a pioneer for industrial efficiency in terms of prouction and efficiency.  

The Fishermen Sweater originaly was developed to provide a warm and durable woolen pullover for Danemarks hard working fisherman, which were exposed to some of the harshest and wet climatic conditions imaginable. Today the Fishermen Sweater is the most iconic and popular style of the collection and established as an icon of Dane design.

To this day, the knitting of the Fisherman Sweater is made after the exact same pattern. Meaning that number and position of the bubbles are executed in dimension of the sweater.

The Fisherman Sweater is named within the SNS HERNING company as forever unchangeable original.

SNS HERNING is manufacturer of exclusive Pullover, Cardigans, Troyer, Sweaters and woolen accessories, following the art and tradition classic knitting craftsmanship.