THUNDERS LOVE SOCKS - classic looking sand melange wool socks from the Outdoor Collection. |
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Outdoor Recycled Socks - Sand


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The socks of the Outdoor Collection from Thunders Love are made from an active lifestyle and to provide warmth and cushioning. By a special knitting process the socks inside offers a gentle terry fleece upper.

Classic, slightly rustic looking styles with a functional inside from the Thunders Love Outdoor Collection.   

  • Thunders Love Outdoor Socks
  • Color: Sand
  • Made from warm high-quality recycled wool
  • Perfect fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Skin-friendly and soft fabric
  • 93% recycled Wool, 2% Elasthane, 5% other fibers
Article: Socks
Color: Beige
Order number: TL_SOX_0948_05

THUNDERS LOVE - Socks of charcater and individuality

Thunders Love Socks are designed in a little village in the north west of Spain, at the mouth of the river Lerez, near the Portuguese border. Here the Thunders Love collection is produced in small family workshops by hosiers who have been doing this throughout three generations.

The designs of Thunders Love Socks are born by the traditional ways of knitting in which these hosiers are the most skilled experts. Tradition, technique and craftsmanship are key in combination with the highest quality cotton to award Thunders Love Socks with a unique and spectacular presence.

The design of Thunders Love Socks is essentially based on colors, yarn mixtures and fundamental knowledge of knitting techniques.

The use of traditional machinery provides the possibility for Thunders Love Socks to play with sock design and several techniques in yarn mixing to get the unique und unmatchable Thunders Love like styles.

In an industrial-speed defined world with production plans and maximum outcome, Thunders Love stands by, respecting production periods of little quantities per day adapting the highest achievable quality.

Only high quality materials, like Egyptian cotton, unique by its finest quality and famous by its long fiber and thin yarn are used for the production of Thunders Love Socks. It's not rocket science, but fact, that the long fiber increases the yarns quality and the thin yarn provides more density to the fabric. Another high quality indicator of the cotton is manual harvesting, what reduces pressure on the fiber and protects.

Recycled cotton is a material adapted to the Thunders Love philosophy of respecting the environment. Recycled cotton from Spain combined with offcuts from the textile industry. In order to make this type of cotton, chemical products and aggressive agents for the environment are not needed as colors are created by selection without any dyeing process, what although avoids any amount of water, because the recycled cotton doesn’t need any.

The packaging of Thunders Love Socks is part of the reward for buying a pair of exclusive and environmental-neutral socks and a satisfying experience of purchase. Each pair of Thunders Love Socks is packed in an individual box.

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